Monday, 25 November 2013

Panning gallery

So during the field trips,the teacher taught us how to do panning.Panning is done by focusing on a fast moving objects and moving the camera to follow it.This causes the bluring of the background and keeping the object sharp,thus showing the fast motion of the object.

Photography Outing

I went for a few photography outings these few weeks.The teacher from the photography course brought us to the Singapore river for some night shooting,the sky was so beautiful during the sunset with the building in the background.We also went to east coast park for a half day outing.Its not much,but i managed to get some satisfying shots during the outings.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Some old photos when i started photography...

These photos were taken after i got my hands on a DSLR,Canon 450D,few years back when i was still schooling.Unfortunately,i lost all of the original files for them when my hard disk spoil and i could only retrieve them via flickr,so the quality aren't that great.But since i'm restarting this hobby after so many years,why not start with a clean slate,right?And hopefully i will be able to get nicer photos,with luck that is...